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New Album by Tolga Tüzün

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New Album by Tolga Tüzün (Piano) and Özgür Yılmaz (contrabass)

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“Swamped” by NOT Trio

Ned McGowan – Piccolo, Flute and Contrabass Flute
Oguz Buyukberber – Eb, Bb, Bass and Contrabass Clarinets
Tolga Tuzun– Piano

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Oğuz Büyükberber, Ned McGowan and Tolga Tüzün come together once again as Not Trio, this time with a new program of experimental and eloquent works originating from the thought and expressive processes of these three accomplished performer/composers. Compositions with improvisations make up the bulk of the works here as their collaboration takes a big step to greater depths of listening, timing, communicating and carefully choosing their expressions from each one’s broad musical experiences.

About their first fully improvised album “Injured”, Henk Jenssen of De Klarinet magazine enthusiastically mentioned the link he sees/hears to the famous “Het Trio” which was one of the most formative Dutch contemporary music groups for many decades. As a former student of Harry Sparnaay who’s one of the founders of Het Trio, Büyükberber of course was already aware of this link even when he asked Tüzün and McGowan for a session. Sparnaay was especially excited about this second session since contrabass clarinet and contrabass flute were also added to the rich sound pallet of this small group. Sadly, his loss shook the modern music community before this release could be completed.

Not Trio dedicates this album to the memory of Harry Sparnaay.


Multiple Wounds (2018)

Solo Piano

Multiple Wounds is my first solo piano album that is the result of eight hours of playing in a studio.

It is a total improvisation oscillating between jazz and electronic music as well as contemporary composition and Turkish music; a personal reflection on various esthetic forms and styles, threading continuously “in-between”; a sonic thinking situation on “what does 15 years of contemporary composing translate into,” or “where does improvisation extend beyond jazz?”.

Instead of playing inside the piano, staying on keys and  thinking “out loud” about my latest harmonic interests…

And the name of the album might refer to the wounds I suffered in the morning of the recording session from a taxi driver closing the window on my 4th and 5th finger and driving off. Or it might allude to an auto-immune disease. Or you might think to other kind of wounds that we suffer everyday lately.

Some wounds heal, some don’t. I choose to not let my wounds to postpone my life. That is why I did not postpone the recording; I take full responsibility for the dirty passages and the shortcomings that you might hear. Needless to say, I gladly take the responsibility for the moments that you might like.

Multiple Wounds is not “easy music”. What is easy in life? If my “thinking out loud” tires you, turn it off. Maybe one day, you might turn it on again if I convinced you enough that I love what I do. Or you move on. Life is short.

Mix: Tolga Tüzün

Mastering: Hakan Kurşun

Recording: Arda Keremoğlu ve Can Bora Genç

Tales of Angst, Numbness and Hypertension (2018)

In the following days of the recording session of my solo piano album “Multiple Wounds,” Çağlayan Yıldız, Can Kozlu and I recorded a trio album. We played nonstop for two days, sometimes around some structures that I proposed, sometimes in a total flow of consciousness. Produced by Oğuz Büyükberber, “Tales of Angst, Numbness and Hypertension” makes an appearance as an improvisatory album with Engin Recepoğulları who joined in as a guest in two tracks.

Even though the combo of piano, bass and drum is reminiscent of a classical jazz piano trio, “Tales of Angst, Numbness and Hypertension” is not a pianist album. It is more of a musical situation wherein three soloists listen to each other, sometimes speak at the same time and open spaces for each other via mutual interaction.

And the title: Although its references are clear for us, I leave to the agility of your imagination to make sense out of it. So is true for the music.

Tolga Tüzün: Piano

Çağlayan Yıldız: Electric Bass

Can Kozlu: Drums

Engin Recepoğulları: Soprano Saxophone

Mix: Tolga Tüzün

Mastering: Hakan Kurşun

Recording: Arda Keremoğlu ve Can Bora Genç

Çağlayan Yıldız plays with his own design Özgür Turan Bass.




injured by NOT Trio

piano: tolga tüzün

flute & piccolo: ned mcgowan

soprano & bass clarinet: oğuz büyükberber

cover photo: peri sharpe
cover design: buket erkmen

İstanbul 2013

Tracks can be downloaded from Müzik Hayvanı





with Berke Can Ozcan

Available at:



Superimposed Circumstances

with Korhan Erel

Available at:




SOnuMUT (2012)


electroacoustic works

01. L’esprit de l’escalier
02. Diaphanous Stones
03. Vulgaire Obscur
04. Plugged

Tracks can be downloaded from Müzik Hayvanı




periphery dis-site

 periphery (2009)

electroacoustic works for solo instrument and electronics

published by AK Müzik

01-my dear nightmares, sincerely yours


03-Along the Borderline: the Breath and the Gaze

04-Le Déchirement des Pétales




nix (2000)





5-Takdim-i Mavi


7-Zümrüd-ü Anka


9-Kaf Dağı

10-Süleyman’ın Sarayında Bir Gece


12-Yuvarlak Zar

13-Ballad No: 1

14-Bileşik Kaplar Teorisi

You can order Nix from Kalan Muzik.